Simplify Reordering with the “Portal Reorder” App for Odoo

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Simplify Reordering with the “Portal Reorder” App for Odoo
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Creating a seamless and convenient experience for your customers is crucial in today’s competitive business environment. With the “Portal Reorder” app for Odoo, you can enhance the ordering process by enabling customers to easily reorder products from their order history. In this blog post, we will explore the features and benefits of the “Portal Reorder” app and how it can simplify reordering for your valued customers.

  1. Effortless Order Reordering: The “Portal Reorder” app seamlessly integrates with your existing Odoo platform, offering a straightforward solution for customers to reorder products. By accessing their order history through a user-friendly portal, customers can conveniently select previously purchased items and initiate a reorder with just a few clicks. This streamlined process saves time and effort for both customers and your business.
  2. Personalized Customer Portal: With the “Portal Reorder” app, customers gain access to a personalized portal that provides a range of self-service functionalities. Within this portal, customers can effortlessly view their order history, track shipments, manage their account information, and conveniently initiate reorder requests. This personalized experience empowers customers and enhances their overall satisfaction.
  3. Seamless Reordering Process: The app simplifies the reordering process by eliminating the need for customers to search for products or add items manually. Instead, they can select products directly from their previous orders, saving time and ensuring accuracy in their reorder requests. This feature enhances convenience and reduces friction for customers when placing repeat orders.
  4. Customizable Order Modifications: While the app streamlines reordering, it also allows customers to customize their orders as needed. Customers can modify quantities, update shipping details, and make necessary adjustments to align with their current requirements. This flexibility enables a personalized ordering experience and increases customer satisfaction.
  5. Order Status and Shipment Tracking: The “Portal Reorder” app provides customers with real-time access to order status and shipment tracking information. Customers can effortlessly monitor the progress of their reorder, stay informed about delivery dates, and track shipments until they reach their destination. This transparency enhances trust, reduces customer inquiries, and improves overall satisfaction.
  6. Fostering Customer Loyalty: By offering a hassle-free reordering experience, the “Portal Reorder” app contributes to customer loyalty and retention. Customers who find it effortless to reorder from your business are more likely to become repeat buyers. The convenience and personalization provided by the app foster a positive customer experience, encouraging long-term relationships and driving customer loyalty.


user can go to portal and check for the sale order, An button will be shown as “Portal Reorder” clicking on which user will be redirected to “Shop Cart Page”

Once user check the product and  “Process Checkout” user will be redirected to  “Shop Payment Page”

“Payment Information”

“Portal Reorder” in Sale Order.


The “Portal Reorder” app for Odoo simplifies and streamlines the reordering process for your customers. With a personalized customer portal, effortless order selection from past purchases, customizable modifications, and access to order status and shipment tracking, this app enhances the overall customer experience. By providing a seamless reordering experience, your business can increase customer satisfaction, foster loyalty, and drive repeat sales. Embrace the power of the “Portal Reorder” app and offer your customers a convenient and efficient way to reorder products, setting your business apart from the competition.

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